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What’s up with that?


What’s up with that?

A Fresh Start! A Unique Cooperation Experience. A Win-Win Situation!

Hi guys I am David shnaiderov and I am one of the DarkSenic animators.
As a part of the staff I wanted to inform you about our near future plans.

We have 2 goals for now: A 3D animated movie and a video game.

So as one of the site purposes we have made an interesting decision:

We are going to let you be part of the show!

For the Animated movie (sci-fi, fantasy) we are going to let you be a part of it.

For example you can send us a 3D model of whatever you want (which will obviously be uploaded to the site with your name and your description) and maybe it will be part of the movie!

If the creation will be really good it can even be the main character\ frequently seen object etc…

You don’t have to be an animator to help of course, you can send us drawings, pictures or basically anything you want.

And for the game you can also send us 3D models, Ideas, drawings, etc…

We have two games in mind. Now we are making a 2D game but in the near future we will also make a 3D game.

Just use your imagination. Everything is welcome!
We already have a working engine that our programmers have built and we are already starting the game itself.
Again everything that will be sent to us will be uploaded (Unless asked not to) to the site with your name and description.

All the people who will help us and there work will be implanted in the movie\game will get a free copy of the game as soon as it will be released!

So for submitting your creations or for questions don’t hesitate to email to Uploaders@Darksenic.com

If you don’t want to participate you can just look at other people’s creations and stay updated about the release of the game and movie.

At the end of the day our goal is finally reach an understanding and a cooperation between the developers and the users.
Although we are just beginning we already have many supporters and a dedicated crew who is determined to make our world better for the consumer and the developer alike!
And obviously we can’t achieve this goal without your help and a common goal:
to achieve the perfect dynamic between us developers and you consumers.

For more information - http://darksenic.com/

Thank you for your cooperation and time.
David Shnadierov - DarkSenic

Have a look at our website! And maybe too be a valuable asset and even maybe the key to a better place!


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